Freeze & Save Meals from Fresh Taste

There are many reasons you may choose to freeze the meals you ordered from Fresh Taste Meal Prep, especially as you can’t be sure that the meal you crave this week will be on the menu next week! Our ever-changing menu caters to those who prefer change, and as such, our menu options will not look exactly the same two weeks in a row, so you may be thinking you better stock up on your favorites to enjoy whenever the mood hits you! Maybe you have an upcoming party with friends and families, your kids are having a slumber party on the weekend, or quite possibly you just enjoy having extras of your favorite dishes in case of a dining emergency. Whatever your reasons for freezing your Fresh Taste Meal Prep Meals, this guide to our freezer-friendly   dishes will ensure you always have the right taste on hand!

Cajun Shrimp

It’s going to be your turn to host your monthly book club meeting, and this month’s book is based in the bayous of Louisiana, so why not offer a meal that is related? Our Cajun shrimp dish, made with Cajun Spiced Shrimp accompanied by squash and our delicious house made corn bread is guaranteed to hit the spot and be a big hit with your fellow bibliophiles! Chill a couple of bottles of Sauvignon Blanc, pick up some cupcakes from your favorite bakery, and you are guaranteed to have a book filled night everyone will remember! Because it freezes beautifully, you can purchase as many as you need and freeze it all until the night of your big event!

Truffle Mushroom Mac

Sometimes the most difficult part of preparing a meal is finding the side dishes that your family will love, but when you freeze up extra bowls of our Truffle Mushroom Mac, the answer to that age-old question will always be this rich and hearty dish! Made with our famous alfredo truffle cream sauce, roasted garlic mushrooms, and served with elbow pasta, the Truffle Mushroom Mac doesn’t only add a taste of decadence to any meal, it freezes wonderfully, so go ahead and order extras! (It is also hearty enough to serve as the main dish.) The Keto version is served over riced cauliflower and is equally delicious, allowing you to stick to your diet and STILL enjoy a fabulous meal or side dish.

Breakfast Plate

Mornings are hard, and ensuring that your kids eat well used to be even harder, but our breakfast plates make mornings easy! Freezing well and made with Applewood smoked bacon, scrambled eggs, three-cheese blend, roasted potatoes, and a side of salsa, having a few extra dishes of this morning masterpiece on hand will cut at least one battle from your day. We can’t help find a clean outfit for your son to wear or stop the tears from falling over a bad hair day that your teenage daughter is having, but we can make sure they are well fed before going out into that scary world each morning! The best part of this wonderful breakfast dish is it is nearly impossible to get tired of it, so your kids (and you) can enjoy it every day of the week and you can sleep in just a little bit longer!

Teriyaki Chicken

Healthy meals aren’t always favored choices for your family, but when they taste as good as our teriyaki chicken does, you will want to serve it every night of the week! Made from fresh sauteed chicken served over brown rice and blended with a savory sweet teriyaki sauce, the steamed broccoli, carrots, and green onions make mom very happy and the delicious flavors hide the healthiness from the pickiest eaters! A sweet Riesling accompanies this delightful dish wonderfully, so open a bottle and relax any night of the week. Although too much of a good thing will keep you from enjoying this healthy treat every night, having extra on hand will make up for those fast food meals you really can’t get away from!

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As we mentioned earlier, our menus change weekly, but we promise that every week you will find plenty of dishes that freeze well to add to your shopping list! Freeze them today, and when your child invites the baseball team over for dinner without telling you, or your husband decides that you need to stop eating out as often as you do, the hidden delights in the bottom of your freezer will come to the rescue! Order yours today and remember to get it in before 3 PM on Thursday so you can enjoy our fresh foods by Sunday or Monday. Of course, if you do forget, you should already have some of your frozen favorites in the freezer to help tide you over!


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