Fantastic Flavors this Fall Season in Arizona at Fresh Taste Meal Prep

Can you feel the kiss of coolness in the air? Do you smell the smoke from chimneys as night draws closer? Is the scent of pumpkin causing your taste buds to stand up and take notice? Chances are, if you answered yes to only one of the questions above (the last one), you live in the desert, where fall is just another page on the calendar of scorch! Yes, the desert stays hot long into the winter months, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a taste of fall season in Arizona from these fantastic flavors found at Fresh Taste Meal Prep! And who knows? Maybe your taste buds can trick your sense of touch into feeling that the mercury has indeed fallen!

Where It All Begins

As we begin this foray into fall, the appetizers on the menu of Fresh Taste Meal Prep are our first glimpse of everything fresh and fall-like, and the elote, a traditional Mexican corn dish, is where the season begins! Although we tend to think of corn on the cob as a summer dish, this roasted sweet corn prepared with cilantro lime mayo, cotija cheese, and smoked paprika brings fall to life!

It’s Taco Tuesday Every Day During Fall Season in Arizona

Obviously the first Thanksgiving did not have tacos on the menu, but we like to think that if they knew how wonderful the ones found on our Fresh Taste Meal Prep food trucks are, they would have incorporated the humble taco into every fall meal! El Ranchero, with marinated beef skirt steak, white onions, cilantro, chipotle salsa, and fresh lime juice, is our idea of the perfect fall meal; prepared with locally sourced items and lots of love, the taste can almost convince us that it is 65 degrees outside, not 100!

Quesadillas for Everyone

Offering the simplicity of a PB&J with the complexity of Mexican ingredients, unlike our eastern counterparts, many of us Arizonans were raised on quesadillas; the PB&J, while filling and sweet, never did satisfy our craving for flavor. The quesadillas we serve on our menu take the simple concept a step further. Adding meats, fall veggies, and our own unique spices, these savory treats are good every day of the year, but in the fall, we fall in love with their flavors all over again!

Falling for Fresh Taste Meal Prep

Although fall in the valley is more of an abstract concept than a season, the knowledge that cooler days ARE coming brings a smile to our faces as we begin to taste the flavors of the fall season in Arizona. Stop by one of our food trucks today and bring fall to life! Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.


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