We all love American classics such as the juicy hotdog that bursts with flavors as you take that first bite, or the hamburger towering with condiments and dripping with juices. However, at times we want to spice things up and try something a bit different. When that feeling hits, many of us find the flavors from south of the border tend to be just what is needed to satisfy that itch. If you find yourself craving the complex spices of the south of the border, then make sure you read on about our Elote Bowls!

The Complexities of the Elote Bowl

There is most likely a decent portion of people who haven’t heard of elote before, and those who haven’t are surely missing out on one of Mexico’s most delectable dishes! Traditionally, you’ll find elote to be your good old everyday corn, mixed with exotic spices, fresh lime juice, and slathered in mayonnaise. While this combination may seem odd at first, once you try the first bite and experience the vast complexity as the flavors work together to create this rather sweet and savory dish, you’ll be hooked!

Our Spin on the Foreign Classic

While traditional elote is rich and mouthwatering enough on its own, we’ve decided to put a rather fresh and healthy spin on the dish, resulting in our delectable Elote Bowl! You’ll find a mixture of shaved Mexican street corn, brown rice, rich Mexican crema, a dash of cilantro, and a sprinkling of lime, all topped off with delicious braised chicken. Not only does this create a fresh new spin on the dish but makes it much healthier for those looking to watch their waistline. Further, for those who aren’t a fan of eating meat, dig into a large Elote Bowl with all the refreshing ingredients as before but with perfectly grilled tofu in place of chicken. As well, those with a special gluten-free diet can even try our take on the classic Mexican dish, as it has no gluten, truly making this the perfect meal for a warm summer day. So, draw up a chair outside, stretch out under the sun, and cool off with this refreshing and delightful dish that few will get to try.

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