3 Flavors You Won’t Want to Miss from Fresh Taste Meal Prep

One of our favorite parts of living in Arizona is the food we are known for, and although it seems kind of obvious, the food we serve from our gourmet food trucks can be found at the top of our list of delicious! Spicy, creamy, and oh so flavorful, every bite is a one of joy and happiness, and these three flavors are perfect examples of why it’s not just us who loves our food trucks—it’s everyone who has ever tasted anything we serve! When you’re looking for a flavor that feeds your soul from a top Arizona restaurant, starting with Fresh Taste Meal Prep will be the best decision you’ve made all year.

The Flavor of Summer

As the temperatures rise, we may spend more of our time indoors than out, but the memory of childhood summers spent outside playing in the sprinklers are always at the forefront of our minds, as is the memory of the homemade elote shared with us by friends and neighbors! And those memories stay fresh every time we bite into the sweet corn elote found on our appetizer menu. Roasted and topped with cilantro lime mayo, cotija cheese, and smoked paprika, summer tastes like elote!

The Flavor of the Sun

The Arizona sun can be your best friend or worst enemy, but its spicy heat will take your breath away as it hides between the mountains that guard our valley streets; our Flew the Coop chicken tacos share many of the same qualities! Created from chicken tinga spiced with tomatillos, chipotle, roasted bell peppers, salsa verde, and a cilantro lime tortilla, its fiery taste offers a sweet taste with a touch of cinnamon. This dish takes our breath away! With every bite, we feel the heat of the sun and our souls are satisfied.

The Flavor of Happiness

Our happiest moments are also the sweetest ones: the taste of fresh baked cookies enjoyed at our mother’s table after a long day at school, the smell of our grandmother’s famous apple pie cooling on the windowsill, and in Fresh Taste Meal Prep world, the reward of delicious crème filled churros eaten at lunch any day we want! If your Tuesday is lacking something, seek out one of our gourmet food trucks and brighten up your day with the taste of happiness found in every bite of these fantastic churros.

What Flavors are Your Favorite?

These ideas, of course, are just our own suggestions; your favorite flavors may be something completely different, but you’ll never know if you don’t take the time to visit! Stop by today and start building your own favorite flavors list at this top Arizona restaurant!


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