White Truffle Swiss Burger

At the end of a long day of meetings, phone calls, and paperwork, coming home to a meal that is planned out and basically ready to go is one of life’s greatest luxuries. For those days you find yourselves craving a thick and juicy burger, as you might expect, Fresh Taste Meal Prep has you covered! Offering a White Truffle Swiss Burger that is thick, juicy, and elevated to a higher status with the addition of white truffle sauce and creamy swiss cheese, this burger is good enough to serve to your boss’s guests in an impromptu barbecue by the pool!

Carnivore’s Delight

In a world that has gone slightly crazy over the last year or so, there’s nothing more appealing than a quiet meal with the ones we love most, and although the individuality of our family members can make meal planning a tad difficult when coming up with a meal that agrees with everyone’s sensibilities, a burger can be the perfect solution! The White Truffle Swiss Burger starts with our signature custom meat blend (Choose our Beyond Burger option for $2 more and turn this wonderful burger from a carnivore’s delight to a vegetarian’s rapture!) and takes off from there! Topped with creamy Swiss cheese, caramelized onions in place of raw—the soft texture and mild flavor blend nicely with the other toppings—and roasted mushrooms offering an earthy finish. Tucked between two soft buns of your choice (gluten free is available for $1 more), it is the white truffle aioli sauce that brings this meal to the next level of wonderful; that and the side of roasted sweet potatoes that will bring sheer joy to your taste buds!

Use the Good Plates

The white truffle sauce gives this burger an elevated status that makes it perfect to be enjoyed on your best china, but of course, if you aren’t feeling the desire to wash dishes, paper plates will do the duty nicely! If you want to make it extra fancy, a fruity pinot noir pairs nicely with the earthiness of the mushrooms and white truffle sauce, but we can assure you that a frosty beer or a cold soda brings out all the flavors as well! Enjoy in the air-conditioned coolness of your home or sit by the pool watching the sunset over the houses behind you; there are no rules on how best to love this burger, just plenty of delicious options. Order yours and all of our best delivery meals today!