Teriyaki Salmon Bowl

Although our menu is mostly all-American, we do like to branch out and offer international treats guaranteed to please, and our Teriyaki Salmon Bowl is one of those special dishes! The sweet tanginess of the sauce, the full-bodied richness of the salmon, and the healthy tastefulness of the veggies we add to every bowl make this particular dish one of our most popular and one that we think you should try. For the vegetarians in our midst, this bowl can be ordered sans salmon, and it is naturally dairy-free as well, so if you are lactose intolerant, you can add it to your checklist of yum when ordering.

A Good Recipe Is a Beautiful Thing

As we grow older, we begin to learn the recipes that make us happiest, and we think this special meal will be one you will never get enough of! It all starts with salmon that has been sauteed to perfection—crispy on the outside, soft and flavorful on the inside, the rich taste blends well with the nutty goodness of the brown rice with which it is served. Fresh vegetables such as steamed broccoli, crunchy carrots, and just a hint of green onion for a little extra spice add color and nutrients. After stirring in the sweet teriyaki sauce, you might think the dish is complete, but trust us, a lightly sprinkle of crispy sesame seeds are what gives this meal its finishing touch, and only after this step do we consider the bowl to be complete! As we mentioned above, it can be enjoyed vegetarian style without the salmon, is naturally dairy-free, and because it freezes beautifully, ordering a few extra can ensure that surprise guests get a meal they will thank you for!

Stepping Outside Your Box

We generally tend to stay in our comfort zones, rarely trying something new, but our Teriyaki Salmon Bowl is a perfect way to do something different. Is your child doing a special study on the country of Japan? Add this meal to your menu and help him or her earn a higher grade! But because it is made for more than special occasions, this bowl is perfect for Tuesday nights when your meetings run late, Saturday lunch/dinners when you slept too late and have messed up your eating schedule, and it can be easily enjoyed in the middle of a busy workday!

Order Yours Today!

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