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Meal Prep Options for the Perfect Date Night in Arizona

If 2020 taught us anything, it is that we can have as much fun (or more) when staying home! Over the past year, we have spent more time with our families and our loved ones than ever before, and you know what? We kind of like it that way! Date nights spent at home cut down on the costs, keep you from having to appoint designated drivers, and actually let you focus on each other without distraction. The only question you may have for your date night in Arizona is, “Who is going to fix the meal?” Well, when you do a little planning ahead, Fresh Taste Meal Prep will do the hard work, and all either of you will have to do is warm up the meal and set it on the table; you can even make it more special by using the “good” china you got at your wedding! This guide to some of our more romantic meal prep options will help you narrow down your choices.

Barbecue on the Deck

These beautiful spring evenings make us want to spend as much time as possible outside enjoying the weather, and outdoor dining is symbolized best with a barbecue dinner. Our Barbecue Pork Bowl served with slow-roasted pork shoulder, cheesy mashed potatoes, grilled sweet corn, and coleslaw is the perfect accompaniment to your spring night on the deck. Using paper plates outside is recommended, though; save your good china for the next meal on our list.

White Tablecloths and Candlelight

Just because you are at home, it does not mean you have to forego all the little luxuries you might experience during a night on the town. Pull out the white tablecloths, use your wedding china, and find a good red in your wine cabinet to go along with our Grilled Bavette Steak. Created with a juicy steak topped with five onion vinaigrette and served with herb-roasted smashed new potatoes and steamed broccoli, this dish is romantic, filling, and will definitely do justice to your good china!

Laissez les Bon Temps Rouler!

Mardi Gras may have already passed by the time you read this, but there is no reason you must skip it altogether! No one will judge you for celebrating at home with your love and our Blackened Salmon dinner. Served with red pepper sauce and broccoli over rice pilaf, this taste of New Orleans is as spicy as your love for each other has always been. Bring on the beads!

Breakfast in Bed

Not all romantic meals have to take place at sunset; some of the most romantic meals we have ever shared with our own true loves have been shared in bed on lazy Sunday morning! Knowing you don’t have to get up early to enjoy the goodness of breakfast tacos made with eggs, chorizo sausage, three cheese blend, and homemade salsa will put a happy spin on a day that’s already gotten off to a fantastic start!

Picnic by the Pool

After months spent at home, a change of view is always nice, and a picnic by the pool is the perfect way to do so! You are close to a microwave, so any meal will work for this impromptu picnic, but if you want to stick to the classics, our Turkey Melt Sandwich made with thin-sliced turkey, swiss cheese, greens, au jus, and a side of roasted potatoes for non-keto diners or roasted cauliflower for our keto fans is the perfect substitute! Dangle your feet into the water as you share sandwiches and sip on your favorite poolside beverage; it won’t be long before you will be swimming happily together as well. Summer is just around the corner!

A Night at the Oscars

On Oscar night, even though we have never been invited (Not once, can you believe it?), we still like to make a night of it as we once more bring out the tablecloths, pop open a bottle of bubbly, and wear our finest pajamas to the show we are watching on television. Get into the Academy Awards spirit as you cast your vote for best picture and chow down on our Chicken Marsala. Served keto style with braised chicken thighs sauteed in a wine butter sauce with sauteed mushrooms, roasted cauliflower, and asparagus, this elegant meal is best enjoyed with the love of your life!

Game Night with Your Bride

It doesn’t matter how long you have been married, that woman sitting across from you crying over the sad ending on the movie you’re watching will always be your bride. Enjoying a simple evening at home, playing your favorite board game and chowing down on a White Truffle Swiss burger as you laugh out loud at stories you’ve heard and told a million times before will keep your love strong.

Order your Date Night in Arizona Meal by Thursday

The process is simple: Order by Thursday at 3 PM and have your meals delivered on Sunday or Monday. We’re here to help you have the perfect meal experiences throughout the week!