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Mother’s Day Meals from Fresh Taste

There is one person in our lives who have been there since the beginning, offering unwavering support, unconditional love, and making sacrifices for our happiness. Although we should acknowledge her every day of the year, we often tend to take it all for granted until Mother’s Day comes along, reminding us of all we have and making us think that maybe this year we should do something different. A brunch and a spa day are fine, but what if we could do something more? What if we could give our mother a week or more away from the chores she performs so well? What if we gave our moms the gift of Fresh Taste Meal Prep, allowing her to retire her oven mitts for at least a week? This guide to some of our favorite meals will help you choose the dishes that will make her happiest!

Mondays Won’t Be So Manic

Mondays, even during retirement, can be crazy days filled with appointments, emergencies, and unplanned meetings, but your mother’s Monday can be made somewhat calmer with our chili lime shrimp dish! Our fresh shrimp are baked with delicious chile and lime and served over a bed of quinoa and steamed broccoli; the keto version offers cauliflower rice in place of the quinoa, making it the perfect dish for everyone’s diet!

Tuesdays Are Tasty

Tuesdays don’t really offer anything that makes them stand out in a crowd of days—unless you or your mom are a firm believer in the theme of Taco Tuesdays! If so, mom will be thrilled to start her day with our tasty breakfast tacos, made with chorizo sausage, eggs, three-cheese blend, and a side of tomatillo salsa for a little extra heat. For those who stick to keto diets, no tortillas are included, but both the keto and regular versions include breakfast potatoes, so maybe mom deserves a cheat day? It really is almost impossible to say no to tacos on this tasty day of the week!
Wonderful Wednesdays

Our menu changes weekly, so these are obviously just some ideas to get you started, but hump day can be made more savory for the first woman you ever loved with an order of our Jamaican Jerk Chicken. Served with sweet plantains and Cajun rice, the keto version offers roasted cauliflower in place of Cajun rice and is equally delicious! Now, some of our moms are a little hesitant when it comes to spice, so a happy substitute is our Italian Chopped Salad. Served with mixed greens, pepperoni, aged provolone, pepperoncini, tomatoes, cucumbers, and a lemon vinaigrette, this salad is not for the faint of heart and will be something that gives mom the realization that she is loved!

Almost Friday

In the working world, Thursdays are when we can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and as we suffer through, we often find ourselves wanting something more. The meatloaf dinners offered by Fresh Taste Meal Prep taste almost as good as the ones your mom makes! This freezer-capable dish is made from our secret recipe and includes roasted potatoes and balsamic grilled vegetables, making Mom’s Thursday more than bearable!
Fri-Yay Flavors

As Friday finally arrives, mom doesn’t have to stress over what’s for dinner; she just needs to open her refrigerator and choose one of the meals you ordered and had delivered! Steak Fajitas will make this Friday extra special as she devours our Southwest seasoned grilled steak, sauteed onions, and peppers, topped with sour cream and served with flour tortillas. Even though mom is super sweet already, our sweet box which offers a combination of chocolate brownies and sugar cookies will sweeten her up even more!

Saturdays to Savor

Weekends are busy times no matter what you do, and sometimes all mom wants is a bowl of soup to tide her over between errands. Our Minestrone Soup is a rich and savory choice filled with penne pasta, peas, carrots, spinach, and tomato; it is guaranteed to satisfy even the heartiest appetites, and even though we wouldn’t dare suggest it is better than what mom could make, we think she will definitely approve.

No Need to Be Sad on Sunday

Sundays can be difficult, as we all know what comes next, but because your mom has a refrigerator filled with the best that Fresh Taste Meal Prep has to offer, this Sunday won’t be difficult at all! Burgers are a popular weekend meal, and our White Truffle Swiss Burger is popular in our food trucks, our restaurants, and of course, in your mother’s own kitchen! Created from our own special burger blend and topped with swiss cheese, caramelized onions, roasted mushrooms, and white truffle aioli, this delicious handheld is always a favorite!

Our Special Mother’s Day Menu

Besides our other fantastic options, we’re also offering a special Mother’s Day brunch menu with choices made to spoil! Enjoy delicious dishes like Feta Spinach & Red Pepper Quiche (one quiche or two quiche), Rosemary Prime Rib (one lb. or two lb.), Croissant Chicken Salad Sandwich (two halves or four halves), Balsamic Grilled Vegetables, Seasonal Fruit Salad, and Tiramisu (two slices or four slices). These options are available for two dinners for $54 plus tax, or for four at $99 plus tax. Additional sides of grilled vegetables, fruit salad, and tiramisu as well as a Charcuterie Box, Sweet Potato Casserole, Mashed Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, and Herb Stuffing are available for an $8 add-on.

Check It Out!

Your mom isn’t the only one who sacrifices, and if you find yourself straining to come up with new meal ideas every day, why not check out what we have to offer for you as well? Order by Thursday May 6th at 3 PM and you can have your special Mother’s Day feast ready for delivery or pickup at BLT Kitchens (739 E Dunlap Ave in Phoenix) on Sunday, May 9th!