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Delicious Meat Dishes Our Customers Love

In a world that is rapidly changing the way it sees nutrition values, there still manages to be one large contingent that will never change. You can call them meat-eaters, carnivores, or even meatatarians, but if you do not serve some kind of carne at your next get-together, you will not be able to call them to dinner! If you happen to have one of these die-hards sitting at your dinner table, you may think you will be forced to cook every meal yourself. And you would be incorrect; our Fresh Taste Meal Prep service offers a long list of meat dishes that are loved by carnivores, omnivores, and maybe even a few vegetarians that slide over to the meat-eating side every so often—don’t worry, your secret is safe with us!

The Most Important Meal

The one thing that has not changed nutritionally over the years is the importance of breakfast. We are told not to skip it, to eat like a rich man at the morning meal, and of course, we are continually informed that breakfast is the most important meal! And because we aim to please, we have included a protein-hardy breakfast dish that still manages to be light in calories and much loved by everyone who tries it: our Keto Breakfast Plate made with Applewood smoked bacon, scrambled eggs, three-cheese blend, and a side of salsa for a spicy kick! Our standard breakfast place offers all the above but adds a side of roasted potatoes for an extra heartiness. For those who love the spice, our breakfast tacos are tastebud pleasers; made with chorizo sausage, eggs, three-cheese blend, and tomatillo salsa, they are accompanied by a side of zesty breakfast potatoes for that extra bit of morning happiness!

Midday Meat Dishes Are Magnificent

Salad for lunch is a thing, that is true, but does it stack up against our classic Aioli Burger or our Carne Asada Tacos? For the meatatarian in your life, it most certainly does not, and when you get your first taste of marinated steak, tomatillo, cilantro, avocado crema, and tomatillo salsa, you may agree! There are more than enough veggies in this spicy dish to assuage the veggie lover in you, and anyone who has tried any of our burgers will tell you that there are none better; for those who are doing protein diets, order it keto style! Instead of a bun, this thick and juicy piece of meat is wrapped in a giant lettuce leaf, adding a satisfying crunch to every bite. Another lunch favorite is the Turkey Stuffed Peppers. Healthy green peppers stuffed with turkey, mozzarella, and tomato sauce, accompanied by balsamic grilled vegetables! See? There are ways for veggie lovers and meat lovers to happily enjoy a meal together!

Dinner Delights

As you can expect, dinner is the meal where we meataholics go whole hog (yeah, we went there!) and our Fresh Taste Meal Prep dinner dishes will definitely make the diner happy! Starting with our Citrus Marinated Pork Loin made with fried plantains, basmati rice, roasted carrots, and a mojo sauce guaranteed to bring delight to your taste buds. Swedish meatballs served with cheesy potatoes, lingonberry jam, glazed carrots, and gravy is a classic favorite your family will never tire of, so order a few extra and freeze them for future dinners or even lunches; this dish freezes well, giving you another reason to fall in love! Chicken fans should add our chicken katsu to their meal prep menu. Created with a panko fried chicken, katsu sauce, white rice, and pickled cucumber salad, this dish is especially filling and totally fun to savor. The keto version is served with cauliflower rice, which much to many people’s surprise, tastes so similar to rice you won’t miss the starchy stuff!

Mix Things Up a Bit

One of the many great things about our Fresh Taste Meal Prep Menus is knowing that because you eat them in the privacy of your home, you can toss the rules out the window! Enjoy the Citrus Marinated Pork Loin for breakfast, savor the Breakfast Tacos at lunch, and eat any of the meaty delights we have mentioned here for dinner! There are no rules when eating at home, only delicious choices that will make your mouth water the moment their aromas start to waft from the microwave. Feeling hungry in the middle of the night? Swedish meatballs enjoyed by the light of the stove will hold you over until it is at last time for breakfast. Speaking of breakfast, enjoy the delights of second breakfast at the time you would normally enjoy a mid-morning snack. Apples are great and all, but carne asada tacos rule the day!

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