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Summer Meal Prep Favorites

That time of year is finally here! Summer has arrived, and you are certainly looking forward to all the fun times ahead. It’s time for pool parties, barbecues, and much more. Summer meal prep favorites are all about lighter fare, fun events, and making it all easy. After all, who wants to be cooking or cleaning when everyone else is having a great time at your dinner? We have plenty of great summer recipes to keep your meals exciting, but here are our favorites.


Our Black and Blue Burger is one of our favorites on the whole menu. It’s a grown-up burger with a flavor profile that is mature but fun. The custom ground meat blend with Maytag blue cheese, arugula, applewood smoked bacon, caramelized onions, and black pepper aioli is always a go-to for us when we need something different. If you’re a vegetarian, we have a delicious Beyond Meat burger option. If you’re on the keto diet, we offer this in a lettuce wrap. In any form, this is excellent with a milkshake, malt, or just a good ol’ beer.


Whether you’re tail gaiting it outside the stadium or cooking in your backyard, everybody loves a good barbecue. Our Barbecue Chicken Bowl is a crowd favorite every time! Braised chicken with grilled sweet corn (and how can you resist grilled corn?) and mashed potatoes, with a side of crispy, crunchy coleslaw. We love pairing this with our fudgy brownies from the Sweet Box and an old-fashioned bottle of soda, just like that family reunion when Uncle Bob confessed to having a collection of backscratchers.


Fresh Taste Meal Prep has a couple of breakfast choices (suitable for keto diets), but our favorite is the Breakfast Plate. Scrambled eggs topped with our delicious three-cheese blend and Applewood smoked bacon (we know you can smell that right now) and salsa on the side. You can order this dairy-free and vegetarian. Besides the deliciousness, we love this because it freezes well; this is an excellent choice for overnight company.

An honorable mention here is the Breakfast Tacos. We scramble up some eggs, top them with chorizo and the three-cheese blend, and serve them hot with breakfast potatoes and sour cream. We also include a side of tomatillo sauce. Some of our customers like to wrap it all in a tortilla (not included in the meal).


Most people prefer lighter lunches in the summer. It’s hard to eat enough for that full feeling when it’s hot outside. We have a couple of favorites here. One of them is our Caribbean Shrimp Tacos. We wrap jerk-seasoned shrimp in a taco shell and top it with mango sauce (The keto version is topped with tomatillo sauce and cauliflower rice). At home, you can add a light sprinkle of lemon or lime juice or a small dollop of sour cream—or both!

Remember Lunchables? We have fond memories of taking those to school with us every day and trading some of our items with other kids. Well, we have the grown-up version of that with our Charcuterie Box. We switched the commercially pre-packaged look for quality. We bring imported meat and cheeses together with artisanal crackers, jam, and dried fruits to make a light but delicious lunch. Instead of boxed chocolate milk, we suggest a cherry or orange seltzer water or a light beer if it’s that time of day. Top it off with a sugar cookie from the Sweet Box.

Our other lunch fave is the Crudite Box, especially if it’s scorching. Cold, crispy baby carrots, celery sticks, cherry tomatoes, and cauliflower, all ready to dip into some tasty red pepper hummus. Some like this with an ice-cold kombucha, but there’s nothing wrong with soaking down a nice, cold glass of water with a squeeze of lemon.


Oh, do we have dinners at Fresh Taste Meal Prep! It was hard to decide our summer favorite, so we agreed on two: The Chicken Carbonara and Garlic Tabasco Flank Steak.

The Chicken Carbonara is a straightforward dish and starts with Pappardelle pasta tossed with grilled chicken and bacon and covered in parmesan cheese sauce. A side of steamed broccoli adorns this flavorful, creamy dish. The keto version substitutes the Pappardelle with roasted cauliflower. This dish is delicious with a light ale or sparkling beverage.

The Garlic Tabasco Flank Steak is marinated in garlic and tabasco sauce, then grilled and served with roasted Brussel sprouts in a tasty honey-mustard glaze. The keto version has the glaze on the side. A delicious merlot or smoked porter goes excellent with this. If you don’t want alcohol, try cranberry or pomegranate juice—they compete well with the robust flavor and cleanse the palate.

There you have it! We confess to our favorites and hope you’ll try them this summer. Remember that you can have your meals delivered or pick them up, whatever makes your life easiest. Just start your account with us and start ordering!