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Keto-Friendly Meals for Your Week

Our parents were convinced that a healthy meal consisted of meat (preferably red), potatoes (preferably mashed with lots of butter and salt), and a vegetable that was more than likely corn, peas, or carrots! Accompanied by bread or biscuits and followed by a wonderful dessert, it really is surprising that we all aren’t the size of ships! Now, we are not saying that the less than healthy meals are your parent’s fault; they were just continuing the tradition of what they had been taught when they were sitting at their own parent’s tables. But as more research is being done regarding healthy and unhealthy meals, we are discovering that all those carbs could very well be the reason that most of our nation is overweight, and that if we stick to a diet high in protein and vegetables and low in carbohydrates, we can turn the tables on those unwanted pounds. Although we love a good carb laden dish (Taco Tuesdays for the win!), we understand that many of our customers are working on changing their eating habits, and because of that, we at Fresh Taste Meal Prep have created a keto-friendly meal to help them stick to their resolutions!

The Little Changes Help

In a world where fast food is way too easy to obtain and carbohydrates hold the key to deliciousness, it is not easy to stick to your guns and stay keto, but our dishes are proof that the little changes help! Take our Bacon Wrapped Keto Pork Loin for example; created with lots of delicious protein found in the bacon and loin, the caramelized onions, stewed granny smith apples, and roasted cauliflower that comes along with the dish add a delicious twist to the meal that used to be a staple in your parent’s home. And if the onions and apples are not on the strict Keto followers meal plan, they can be left on the plate. Or, for those that know that little changes are easier to follow than going strict from the beginning, a taste or two will be absolutely perfect!

Lettuce Wraps Aren’t Just for Chinese Food Anymore

The taste of a thick and juicy burger is something we all crave once in a while, and unlike most diets, the keto diet welcomes the delicious hunk of meat! Our meal prep version comes with barbecue sauce on the side, grilled onions, cheddar cheese, and bacon, and instead of a bun, it is wrapped in a crunchy piece of lettuce. Sweet potatoes served on the side are the finishing touch to this keto-friendly dish loved by all.

Cauliflower Rice Has Changed the Culinary World

We have a secret for you: Cauliflower rice isn’t just healthy, its taste is so similar to the white, carb-laden stuff we USED to think was good for diets, you may not even notice the difference! This makes our Sausage and Peppers keto dish even more savory than it sounds. Made with grilled sausage, red peppers, and onions, and served with cauliflower rice on the side, this rich and tasty dish will fill all the empty corners of your stomach and soul, making you feel as if you are cheating, when in actuality you are doing exactly what your diet tells you!

Breakfast Is the Most Important Meal of the Day

We have all heard about the importance of breakfast, and even if we rarely listened, grabbing a pop tart to gulp down with a cup of coffee to enjoy on the morning drive. A keto breakfast is a treat to be devoured, as the one food you rarely find on any diet plan, bacon, is a key ingredient, and our Keto Breakfast Plate is the perfect example! Made with bacon (can you smell it yet?), scrambled eggs, a three-cheese blend, and served with salsa on the side, this keto plate will fill you up and make you forget that there aren’t any extra carbs included! Who needs potatoes when you can have BACON?

Protein Bowls Are a Great Keto-Friendly Meal

Protein bowls are actually really good and can even be found at many fast food restaurants, but once you taste our Southwest Salmon Protein Keto Bowl, we think you will be able to easily drive right by the drive-thru! Served with roasted peppers and a bed of spinach, the tomatillo sauce is a healthy surprise. The salmon is spiced just right, and the veggies are completely carb-free, so go ahead and have a second helping; just remember that this is one dish you may want to order multiples of so as to not run out!

Keto Can Be Fun

When someone else does the cooking, the meals taste all that much better! Order your keto-friendly meal by Thursday at 3:00 PM and face the next week with a selection of healthy tools in your arsenal against weight gain.