Support Local Restaurants with Carryout Orders

The world we live in today is not the same one we’ve grown accustomed to, and as it seemingly changed overnight with the arrival of COVID-19, we’re all sitting in our homes with brains reeling from the changes. It really does boggle the mind the speed in which this crisis upturned our world, and as we sit at home teaching our children, escaping with virtual tours on the internet, and wondering if we have enough toilet paper to last through the quarantine, it may ease your mind knowing that you are not in this alone. Your neighbors, your friends, strangers on the street, and the people who own the local restaurants and small businesses you have always frequented are experiencing the same issues. And as we smile behind surgical masks and learn how to open doors with our elbows, these same businesses and restaurants, including your favorite Fresh Taste Meal Prep food truck, are doing everything in our power to help keep the struggling economy alive, and even as local restaurants close dining rooms and open up to the idea of carryout meals, we want to thank you for your support local restaurants!

We’re Just a Phone Call Away

Some things never change and calling in your orders for carryout is one of the standards in life. Even if traditionally you’ve just “followed” our trucks around town, we like to think we’ve made it easier to find us by calling ahead! (914) 539-2393 is an easy number to remember, but for those with faulty memories, go ahead; take a minute to program those 10 numbers into your phone. We’ll wait! Finished now? Great, now let’s tell you what you get when you dial those numbers! We’re sure you’re not surprised to discover that the same tacos, burritos, and quesadillas you’ve grown to crave over the last few years will be available for pick-up in approximately 15 to 20 minutes! The mouthwatering Modern Mayan taco, the savory steak burrito, and the top choice chicken fajita quesadillas are still being prepared to order every day, and with each bite you take of your favorite meal choice, you can almost sense normalcy returning.

Local Restaurants Owe It All to You

Our success has always been measured by our customer’s satisfaction, and as we continue on this crazy roller coaster ride of social distancing and sheltering in place, we would like to take a moment to thank you for standing by us, by all the local businesses, as we hold on tight and finish the ride! Without you we are nothing more than a vehicle that smells REALLY good, and we wish you continued good health, safety, and all the tacos you need! Call us today!


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