Southwest Salmon Protein Bowl

The buzzword for today’s healthy eater is protein. If you aren’t personally on a low carb, high protein diet, you probably know about 20 people who are. It is a diabetic lifesaver, weight loss trend that actually works, and because the protein keeps you feeling full, it is one diet that is easy to follow! And because we care about you and what you eat, our Southwest Salmon Protein Bowl fits quite nicely into the trend, allowing you to stay on the diet plan you have set and enjoy every bite as you do. Staying healthy has never tasted this good!

Better Than Chicken

The health benefits of salmon, especially in comparison to chicken or beef, are off the charts, leading to heart health and eye health as it’s chock full of important vitamins. But the best part of choosing salmon—especially our Southwest Salmon Protein Bowl—is knowing that every bite will be better than the last. This full-flavored dish is prepared with roasted corn, so those on a stricter no-carb diet may want to look towards some of our keto bowls we frequently offer to stay on their diet track, but the combination of perfectly spiced salmon, roasted corn, and red bell peppers is so amazing, the bowl might be perfect for a cheat day! Served over a bed of our favorite superfood, quinoa, and blended together with a tasty tomatillo sauce that adds just the right amount of spice, this bowl could be considered the superfood that outranks all superfoods. When you take your first bite, feeling that explosion of flavor in your mouth, you may have trouble believing that you are actually eating something that is so wonderfully good for you! This dish is dairy-free for the lactose intolerant, and it freezes so well, you may want to order more than a few of these dishes to keep in your freezer in case of an emergency.

Always the Right Time for Salmon

There is no wrong time to serve our Southwest Salmon Protein Bowl, but for those who are working towards a fitness goal—perhaps you are running a 10k or just want to lose a few pounds before your 25th high school reunion—it is the perfect meal to enjoy every day. Purchase a few extra and enjoy a savory lunch that will make others envy your good taste or save it for those weeknight dinners when your self-control seems to be at its lowest. Just remember, you need to order by Thursday to be able to begin enjoying this smart dish all next week. Order your prepped meal today!