Set Up a Corporate Meal Plan for Your Employees

When you take a moment to remember the beginning days of your company, what first comes to mind? The fears that you would not succeed? The anticipation that you WOULD succeed? Or perhaps what you most remember is how hard your fledgling employees worked, giving their all to ensure that your business would be one of the ones that flourishes in an uncertain world! Every minute of those early days were scary ones, but somehow you made it through together, and today your success can be attributed to that teamwork. Now, you want to do something that shows your employees how grateful you are! There are lots of ways to do so, but our favorite would have to be setting up a corporate meal plan for your hardworking team with our Arizona meal prep services. Fresh Taste Meal Prep makes it easy to spoil your employees, and this guide will help you become the good guy or gal that your employees already think you are!

Healthy and Delicious

The reality of most meal prep systems is that the food offered tends to be bland and uninteresting, which is why Fresh Taste Meal Prep has become such a great success in such a short time! We show people that eating healthy can be delicious too, which is definitely not always the case, and the variety of meals we offer keeps boredom away. Desert life is such that we don’t often want anything that is heavy or hot, making our charcuterie boxes filled with imported meats, cheeses, artisanal crackers, jam, and dried fruit one of the most popular summertime selections. Order extra to have on hand, and remember, for every 10 meals you purchase, we donate one meal to someone in need! You will be doubling up on good guy points when you choose our corporate meal plan, something we do not think you will mind at all. Order food for the week or stay on one of our daily plans and choose just one day every week; Fridays are popular days to feed the staff, in case you were considering this latter option! Does your office have its own softball or kickball team? Consider stocking up on meals for game days, feeding your employees something healthy that won’t weigh them down and perhaps giving your team an edge over the competition!

The Options Are Plentiful

To ensure that you get our best, we can provide refrigeration and online ordering for your employees, a popular choice for business owners who don’t want to presume that they know what their employees want to eat. Our Teriyaki Salmon Bowls are a delicious treat, and our White Truffle Swiss Burgers are loved by everyone. Chicken Noodle Soup is great for an employee that is still getting over the sniffles, Blackened Steak will be a favorite of your warehouse foreman who just can’t get enough protein in his diet, and a Falafel Pita will entice those who prefer to stay vegetarian. Our menu changes weekly, and if you want to get on the program without spending a lot of money, we also offer promo codes with discounts for your employees to use when logging in on their own.

More About Our Food and Arizona Peal Prep Services

The meals we offer are created with local ingredients that are fresh and healthy, ensuring that there won’t be that after lunch lag time when everyone just feels like they need a nap! Choose a quarterly meeting breakfast and serve your team one of our breakfast plates created with applewood smoked bacon, scrambled eggs, three-cheese blend, and a side of salsa, or pick the breakfast tacos for a spicy treat; chorizo sausage eggs, three-cheese blend, and a side of tomatillo salsa will make every morning a happy one! Our BBQ Chicken Bowl is a hot lunch dish right now, made with braised chicken, cheesy mashed potatoes, grilled sweet corn, and slaw. Our Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin can be the centerpiece of your awards banquet; made with pork loin, bacon, caramelized onions, stewed granny smith apples, and sweet potato hash, every bite is guaranteed to be a delicious celebration!

The Tasty Details

Opting for our corporate meal plan is an easy way to make your employees feel treasured. Pick the meals you want, get the orders in by Thursday, and pick whether you prefer to pick up the food or have it delivered. We deliver on Sundays, but offer Monday options for pick up, so no one has to hang around the office waiting for delivery on a weekend. Order yours today and start a new tradition in the office!


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