Salmon Pasta Primavera

When you start to check out the food options by Fresh Taste Meal Prep, you may be tempted by the pictures, but isn’t it easier to choose if you know more details about the dish? Our menus are everchanging, but we want to take the time to introduce some of our favorites to all our clients, including the very delicious Salmon Pasta Primavera! Offering a healthy dining choice that tastes like something indulgent, this special dish is also a great choice for dinner parties with friends; they do not have to know you didn’t make it from scratch, just take the meals out of the black container and put them on your own dinner plates!

Versatile and Delicious

Because we realize that not all people want or need the same thing from their meals, many of the dishes we offer can be changed up in small but important ways. The original recipe of our Salmon Pasta Primavera begins with a thick piece of salmon cooked to perfection. Served on a bed of Pappardelle pasta (this type of pasta looks like a larger egg noodle), the vegetables included in the Salmon Pasta Primavera are locally sourced cherry tomatoes and Italian squash. Blended together with fresh pesto, all the flavors combine to create a cornucopia of deliciousness! And although we do not like to mess with perfection, not everyone likes to eat food that may have once had a parent, so if you want to skip the salmon and keep it vegetarian, who are we to judge? This special dish is dairy free with no alterations, so our clients that are lactose intolerant can eat as much as they want!

A Meal for Every Occasion

So now that you have examined this tasty bowl of pasta from the bottom up, maybe you are wondering what occasion would be Salmon Pasta Primavera worthy? Well, we at Fresh Taste Meal Prep like to think that this dish is perfect for every occasion! Enjoy it for lunch, adding a tasteful midday break to the most frustrating days of work, or share with your best friend as you watch Hallmark movies and savor it with a glass of wine. A crisp and sweet Riesling pairs especially well with the salmon!

Don’t Wait, Order Today!

Whatever occasion you choose to devour our Salmon Pasta Primavera at, be sure to order it along with some of our other best meal prep options today before they disappear!