Salmon Fried Brown Rice

We live in the desert, but just because we are more than a few miles away from the ocean, it does not mean that our seafood is lacking; this dish made with salmon and fried brown rice is the perfect example! Our Salmon Fried Brown Rice is savory, healthy, and filled with delicious vegetables, this bowl is perfect for those moments when you want to cheat a little without completely losing control. The fresh salmon is as sweet and fresh as if it had been swimming in cool waters just minutes ago!

The Freshest Ingredients

Because fresh is our first name, you may expect that the ingredients we use in our meals will be fresh and locally sourced whenever possible, and you would be absolutely right! We understand that nutrition values that are lost in the preservation process often used by canning companies and that the taste is altered when you use ingredients that have been sitting around a while, so every dish we prepare is made with premium ingredients that will please even the strictest of moms. Our Salmon Fried Brown Rice is the perfect example. We start with healthy brown rice cooked to perfection and fresh salmon poached in coconut oil (known for supporting your immune system, relieving stress, and its healing properties) to give it an extra taste of sweetness. Because a colorful dish is a healthy dish, we then mix in farm fresh corn, sweet green peas, steamed broccoli, scallions, and an egg for extra protein. Soy sauce adds to the cornucopia of flavors in the meal, blending with the different vegetables and proteins to create a meal that will make you fall in love at first bite!

Enjoy with Wine

The antioxidants found in wine make it a perfect addition to any meal, and a rich fish like salmon goes wonderfully with a crisp chardonnay, but its strong taste pairs well with a white burgundy or our personal favorite, a viognier. Doing double duty as a side dish for those with heartier appetites or a complete meal in itself, it can be the perfect addition to your midday break or serve as a light dinner on any night of the week; no special occasion is needed to enjoy the savory taste of our Salmon Fried Brown Rice!

As Easy as 1, 2, 3!

The second-best part of our Fresh Taste Meal Prep Services (the first is the taste, of course!) is how simple it is to take part. Simply pick your week you want it delivered, browse through the pictures and check the boxes on the foods that tickle your fancy, and submit your order by no later than 3:00 PM on Thursday; by Sunday or Monday, you can have a week’s worth of meals delivered to your door. Order yours through our meal prepping service today!