Salmon Caesar Salad

The summer months are rapidly approaching, and although many would say that the 99-degree temperatures we had at Easter would prove they have already arrived, deep down we all know that we have at least a few more days before the scorching temperatures truly begin. When that happens, toiling away in a hot kitchen, even if it is only to microwave something, is the last thing we want to do, and our interests soon begin to turn to salads. Of course, we at Fresh Taste Meal Prep pride ourselves on not following the less is more way of life, and as such, we have developed a Salmon Caesar Salad guaranteed to make your summer feel at least a tad more bearable!

Summers Are for Salads

Nothing cools your insides better than our Salmon Caesar Salad, filled with a plethora of healthy, delicious, and inspiring ingredients. Building the salad from the base up, we start with a whole lot of crisp romaine lettuce, enjoying the mild yet slightly bitter taste of lettuce that is a bit fancier than your standard iceberg. Sweet cherry tomatoes come next, bursting with juicy abandon with every bite, and then comes the main event: the blackened salmon that is a spicy complement to the cool and creamy Caesar dressing that spills over every bite! Topped with parmesan cheese and crunchy garlic croutons (you can skip the croutons if you need this dish to be gluten-free), we think the Salmon Caesar Salad is destined to be a repeat order for everyone who tries it.

Versatile and Elegant

Order enough to serve at a girls’ luncheon, pairing with a full-bodied white wine (chardonnay is always a winner in our books) or a light red such as a pinot noir; if you really want to make your friends feel extra special, champagne is also a marvelous choice! Take your serving to work and watch your co-workers stare down at their brown bags, suddenly not impressed with the sandwiches and chips that are packed within. Weekends can be packed with activities, and although they never forget to feed the kids, moms generally put themselves last and forget to eat. The savory and delicious Salmon Caesar Salad is easy to pack and bring along to enjoy at soccer games and picnics with the kids!

Check Yes for Salmon

Salmon is a versatile fish chock full of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are good for the entire body, and best of all, it is delicious! Mark this savory summer salmon down as a yes on your Fresh Taste Meal Prep order today. We offer services throughout the valley including meal prep in Tempe!