Sometimes when we are planning our meals, or making something upon impulse, we wish to try something new, something exotic, something that we may never get to try again. When this occurs, there are many options; after all, there are almost untold flavors and cuisines available in the US. We offer a range of unique and exciting dishes for you to peruse and enjoy when you need a little variation in your diet. So, read on about our unique, complex, and flavorful Tandoori Chicken which is sure to be the little spark you’re seeking!

What Is It?

Coming from the heart of India, Tandoori Chicken is a unique dish that combines both spicy as well as cool and refreshing. You’ll find this dish is traditionally cooked in a tandoor (a traditional cylindrical clay oven). While cooking, it is marinated in a cool and refreshing yogurt with a range of different spices to give it that famous Indian “kick.” You’ll find our Tandoori Chicken is no different, yet we have added in our own unique flair to this Indian classic. In your meal you’ll find delectable grilled chicken marinated a traditional yogurt sauce, as well as lemon juice and a large array of different aromatic spices, all served next to a helping of flavorful and fluffy rice.

A New Favorite

There is much to love about our Tandoori Chicken other than the rich and complex flavor. You’ll find that this dish, while calling India home, is now enjoyed by many people all over the world, showing just how rich and flavorful this Indian staple truly is. Further, you’ll find that it embodies a smoky flavor while being succulently juicy with just an undertone of earthy flavors. This makes it perfect for those who maybe aren’t the biggest fan of the flaming hot foods, but rather enjoy just a bit of a kick for mystery and undertone. For those vegetarians among us, you can still enjoy the rich full flavors by substituting the chicken for perfect grilled tofu, ensuring almost everyone can have a chance to experience the bold flavors of this international meal. So, set the table and dig into this traditional and scrumptious taste of India.

If reading this has roused your curiosity, and you wish to either try it yourself or are wondering what other delicacies we have in store, make sure you call Fresh Taste Meal Prep at (602) 376-7966 or browse our online menu today!