Jerk Chicken

Jerk Chicken

Don’t get confused by the name. Though the dish starts with the word jerk, it isn’t a joke or jerk by any means. What best defines this delicacy is a flavorful preparation of Jamaican jerk chicken with many tasty additions that represent a wholesome meal. Find this Jamaican-inspired meal and many more delicious items when you order at Fresh Taste Meal Prep. We are here to offer fresh meals made with the choicest ingredients. You will find a long list of varied meal options for a delightful gourmet experience like no other.

A Jamaican Appetizing Option at Its Best

The Jamaican Jerk Chicken has plenty of tasty elements that combine into an appetizing result. To start, the word jerk in Jerk Chicken refers to the style of cooking. Here, the chicken is first coated with spices to add a uniform layer of flavors all over the surface. It is then cooked over a fire or grill. The traditional and original grill was made of green pimento wood and burning coal pieces. It produces a characteristic smoky flavor that acts as a key highlight of the delicacy. The chicken is served along with sweet plantain that provides a starchy element to the meal. Besides, you can savor an appetizing side of Cajun spiced rice.

Deliciousness Awaits

When you relish a meal of Jerk Chicken, you realize the foundation of this dish is the smoky flavor of the chicken. By cooking it over burning coals, the smoke imparts a unique flavor to the tender chicken. As the meat is bland by itself, it acts as a perfect canvas and absorbs a variety of flavors mixed into one. You can savor the juicy texture of the chicken while at the same time, you can relish the smokiness that oozes out of the meat. The side dish of Cajun spiced rice supplies the right amount of carbohydrate base. It has a mix of spices and vegetables that cover the grains of the delicious rice. Savor the chicken with a sweet addition of plantain and you will be transported to the tropical islands of Jamaica.

Savor a Meal with an Unforgettable Flavor

Grab a plate of appetizing surprises in your meal of Jerk Chicken. Each portion has 6 oz Jamaican jerk chicken smoked and cooked to elevate the flavor profile. Along with the chicken, you can relish 3 oz of sweet plantains and 1 cup of Cajun spiced rice. For our vegetarian and vegan folks, we can substitute the chicken with grilled tofu. The grilled tofu is also coated with spices and cooked in the same style for a delicious outcome.

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