Chicken Carbonara

Chicken Carbonara

It is difficult to believe that once upon a time women would create entire meals from scratch and still have time to clean, take care of the children, and do other home chores. Today, we are lucky if we can find the time to go through a drive-thru in between school, sport, and work activities, but as all good parents do, we worry about our children not eating healthy meals. Fresh Taste Meal Prep understands your worries, and we understand that in spite of your busy schedule, you still want only the best for your kids! This introduction to one of our favorite dishes, Chicken Carbonara, is our proof that you can do it all with a little help from your friends!

The Origins Do Not Matter

Rumored to have been invented in the forties by an Italian chef, the reality is that carbonara was more than likely created in the windy city of Chicago in the 50s, but do you really care about its origins when you click on the order box for Chicken Carbonara? We think what is important is that this simply wonderful dish is made from fresh ingredients that are locally sourced whenever possible and that it has BACON in it! Yes, this dish gets its start with fresh grilled chicken so tender it practically falls apart in your mouth, but we know it’s the bacon that caught your eye, because everyone knows the only way to improve on perfection is by adding bacon to the meal. Next, we mix in a smooth and flavorful parmesan cream sauce and ever so gently place the mixture on a bed of Pappardelle pasta. Because we know that moms and dads all over the world are reading this and wondering, “Where’s the vegetables?” our Chicken Carbonara is served with a side of delicious and healthy steamed broccoli! Children tend to look at all green vegetables as the enemy, but when they mix all the flavors together, you will be surprised to discover that this is a dish they will fall in love with, requesting it over and over again. Order extra and serve this healthy and nutritious meal on a Saturday night when you would normally be eating pizza and be overjoyed when you realize you don’t miss the pizza at all! 

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