Cajun Shrimp

Cajun Shrimp

Here in the southwest we know how to put a spicy flare on anything (from our authentic Mexican food to our off-road jeeps), but sometimes it’s to our benefit to draw inspiration from our Southern neighbors to the east for a unique take on meal options. Our Cajun Shrimp is a perfect example of this. With a flavorful spin on a deep south staple, you’ll love the unique textures and savory palate of this delicious meal. 

Fresh Taste 

Cajun cuisine is a prime example of the melting pot of America in which we all flourish. It’s a combination of West African, French, and Spanish cooking techniques that developed in Louisiana in the 18th century. Lucky for us, there’s been plenty of time to perfect the art of blending seasonings such as cayenne pepper, garlic, bell pepper, green onions, and more.  

Executive Chef Tommy D’Ambrosio has studied cooking techniques from all over the world as a graduate from the Culinary Institute of America. His spin on Cajun Shrimp will have your tastebuds at attention with the aroma of 5 succulent shrimp seared with a Cajun spice ready to greet you. On the side is a perfectly cooked serving of squash, as well as house made corn bread.  

For customers who are closely monitoring their dietary intake, the Cajun Shrimp meal consists of: 5 shrimp, 3 oz squash, and 3 oz corn bread. 

No Fuss 

When did making a meal become so much work? Never mind the simple tasks of making a list, buying the ingredients, prepping the food, cooking, timing everything perfectly, and getting back to the kitchen full of dirty dishes before bed. But now we have to worry about what’s organic, local, processed, and compliant. It’s enough to drive us all crazy, which is why there’s no shame in leaving this task to a professional. 

Convenience You Can’t Beat 

Having a restaurant-quality meal, prepared by an award-winning chef, delivered straight to your door? It almost seems too good to be true. Especially when you consider the minimal cost of ordering your meals for the week versus what spend on takeout.  

All of the meals provided by Fresh Taste are precooked and packaged into individual servings. All you need to do is push the buttons on the microwave and without dirtying a dish, you can have a gourmet meal. If life gets the better of you and you don’t have time to eat the meal you purchased right away, rest assured that the Cajun Shrimp freezes well, so you can enjoy it whenever you’re ready.  Are your employees ready for a delicious lunch they’ll never forget? Contact us today and get started with our corporate meal plans!