Maple Glazed Salmon

The most savory dishes are often the ones that use a little bit of sweet to enhance the flavors; even spaghetti sauce and chili are made better when some sugar is added. When you get your first taste of our Maple Glazed Salmon, we have a feeling you will understand this concept much more clearly! Offering a cacophony of flavors that are designed to make your taste buds give a little cheer, if we had to choose a favorite salmon dish, well, this meal would definitely be one of the frontrunners!

No Need for Dessert?

Yes, this savory dish does offer a boost to tickle your sweet tooth, but we wouldn’t go as far as saying you will be able to skip dessert! We will say, however, that the maple glaze tastes like magic in your mouth and the glazed carrots that accompany the salmon ups the sweet ante even further. Served on a bed of roasted squash and quinoa and combined with sauteed peppers and onions, this is one flavor train that everyone will be begging to board! There is no dairy in the meal, so if you are lactose intolerant, this is safe to add to your list. Additionally, because it is another meal that freezes well, it is one of our more popular dishes. The health benefits make it a great treat for dieters, and the glaze on the salmon and carrots may just trick your mind into thinking that you are cheating when you are really staying on track!

Kids Love It!

Trying to get our children to eat healthy meals is a battle we are continuously having to fight, but there won’t be any complaints when they eat this sweet dish. Moms will feel like superheroes as they watch their children devour every bite (Yes, even the carrots will be loved by your littles!), and the kids won’t even question whether they are eating something healthy. Sit back with a glass of Lambrusco and your own serving of salmon and enjoy a night that is as argument-free as pizza or burger night!

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

It is true that we change up our menus weekly, and with the exception of a few standard dishes, what is on this week’s menu may be gone by the following week, so if the Maple Glazed Salmon appears on our list, go ahead and snag a few extras to be enjoyed whenever you want. Order yours from our meal prep company in AZ today!