Lemon Chili Salmon

Some of us go through life living a little dangerously. We stay up too late the night before a big meeting, we climb Camelback Mountain on a whim even if we are basically couch potatoes in real life, and we order the spicy foods asking the preparer to kick it up a notch. If you fall into this category, than we really do have a dish that is designed just for you! Our Lemon Chili Salmon offers the tartness of lemons complemented by the heat of chili and rounded out with a nicely sized portion of salmon. What more could you ask for out of a meal?

Lemon Is the Spice of Life

Let’s face it. The diet doctors have worked their hardest to take the fun out of eating, telling us that carbs, sugar, and sodium are bad for us (no matter how good they taste!), and if you are like us, chances are you are ready to rebel just a little. Our Lemon Chili Salmon offers the perfect opportunity to rebel while still managing to provide a healthy meal that is filled with flavor and spice. It is the lemon in our tasty dish that provides the extra kick and kills any blandness, but this meal offers so much more! Starting with a piece of salmon that is baked for your health and placed gently upon a soft bed of quinoa, we add a touch of color with asparagus that is not too woody and not too soft and squash that is firm, sweet, and flavorful! (Life hack for you healthy eaters out there: The more colorful your plate, the more nutrients it most likely contains!) Finally, a drizzle of lemon dill sauce for a cool tang and a little bit of chili for just a smidgeon of bite and our favorite salmon dish is ready to be consumed!

Designed to Impress

The flavor combinations in our Lemon Chili Salmon are designed to impress, so feel free to share with your friends. Order extra servings, invite a few friends over for wine, salmon, and a special dessert (our sweet boxes are great for this purpose) and your event will be the most talked-about one for weeks! No one has to know that you didn’t make it all yourself; just be sure to take the containers to your OUTSIDE can! Order this meal and so many others today with our meal prep in Scottsdale and you can take a little break from kitchen duty the next week.