Classic Aioli Burger

We all love to try new things. We spend our days traveling to places we have never been before, eating at restaurants we have never tried before, even trying for that new job that is a major change from what we are used to. But it is nice, every so often, to sit back and enjoy our comfort zones. Staying in that B&B we’ve stayed at a million times before, visiting the restaurant where everyone knows us by name, and choosing a burger that never lets us down. The Classic Aioli Burger is where we started, and even as we have added new items to our menus that are absolutely fabulous, it is always comforting to go back to the roots of our food. If by some chance you have never tried our Classic Aioli burger, now is the perfect time to remedy that!

Ah, How We Adore This Burger

We can’t emphasize enough how much we love this tasty hand-held, and it only will take one bite for you to understand why! Starting with our custom burger blend for the carnivores and the Beyond Burger that only costs $2 more for our vegetarian customers, the brioche bun it comes upon can be customized with a gluten-free bun for just $1 more. Next, we pile on the basics, including creamy cheddar cheese, crispy lettuce, juicy tomatoes, and crunchy dill pickles, ingredients that give this burger the classic taste we all know and love. But because we never believe in less is more, the final step in constructing this authentic burger is the Thousand Island aioli sauce that brings every flavor to life! Served with a side of roasted sweet potatoes, it can be made dairy-free simply by subtracting the cheddar cheese! Authentic, substantial, and oh so delicious, you will soon understand why this burger is the base of all that we have begun.

The All-American Meal

This all-American meal can be enjoyed in a variety of situations, as you spend time with family and friends, gulping ice-cold beers, and exchanging stories of your childhood in the middle of a summer barbecue that for once doesn’t involve you doing the brunt of the work! Get your order in before Thursday at 3PM to have our best meal prep meals delivered as soon as Sunday, and start making plans for a summer get-together that will be the talk of the town.