Caribbean Shrimp Tacos

You can almost hear the ocean waves and feel the warm sun kissing your cheeks when you smell the aroma of these sizzling Caribbean Shrimp Tacos. Unfortunately, the beach doesn’t come as a side dish to this satisfying meal, but when you pour yourself a crisp beverage and take your entree out to the patio to view one of those epic Arizona sunsets, you’ll find the vacation vibes are pulsing hard on this mini break from regular life.

Fresh Taste

Here in Arizona, we know how to do tacos, so it will come as no surprise that Arizona native chef Tommy D’Ambrosio has perfected the art of taco assembly with a creative fusion of flavors from around the world. This dish showcases a Caribbean jerk seasoning on the shrimp that will have your mouth fooled into thinking it’s on an island tucked into the Caribbean Sea.

Enjoy 5 jerk seasoned shrimp, 2 fresh corn tortillas, 2 oz mango sauce, and fresh take on cilantro lime infused rice. This dish is naturally gluten free and dairy free, so our customers with dietary restrictions can rest assured they’re not missing out on a thing; this dish is amazing and packed full of flavors all on its own!


It’s no secret that convenience usually means sacrificing on quality and taste. Buying fresh shrimp and handling seafood is often a messy experience, especially when it comes to peeling shrimp. Sanitizing a kitchen where you’ve been working with fresh seafood isn’t a minimal task, not to mention the dirty dishes and splatter of food that is the product of sautéing shrimp. The result? Many of us buy the frozen, deveined/deshelled/precooked bag of shrimp for a quick fix to our meals that often produces a chewy result and leaves us less than satisfied.

Convenience You Can’t Beat

As a graduate from the Culinary Institute of America, you can rest assured that
Executive Chef Tommy is assembling you a meal that is fresh, flavorful, and perfectly assembled in a single serving container to eat at your convenience. Meals last for up to five days in the refrigerator and can be quickly microwaved at your convenience. The fresh ingredients that have been expertly assembled, the no-mess cleanup, and the convenience of eating whenever and wherever you like just can’t be beat. Try our Caribbean Shrimp Tacos and get ready for your tastebuds to beg for more!