5 Flavors You’ll Love from Our Weekly Meal Prep Menu

5 Flavors You’ll Love from Our Weekly Meal Prep Menu

Meal prep has become the fastest growing trend in the nation as Americans from all over the country spend their Sundays creating big batches of their healthiest meals to be divided and served throughout the week. The only problem with this is by the time Thursday comes around, diners find themselves unable to face the same turkey, rice, and veggie dish they have been looking at and dining on every day! Most people will give it up and head to the closest fast food restaurant for a delicious burger and fries, but the smart ones know there is a new meal prep business in town, and Fresh Taste Meal Prep is the direction they are looking! Designed to be healthy, nutritious, and best of all DELICIOUS, we give you the opportunity to spend those precious Sunday afternoon hours napping or watching the big game while providing variety and color to your life. This guide to the five flavors that will make your taste buds stand up and take notice will make you fall in love with meal prep all over again!

Something Spicy to Warm Your Heart

Winter days can be chilly even in the desert, and the best way to warm your insides is with a taste of something spicy. Our New Mexico Green Chile Burger offers just the taste you crave! Not all meal prep is about weight loss, and when you sink your teeth into our juicy burgers topped with cheddar cheese, roasted green chiles, and smoked paprika aioli served on a brioche bun, you won’t be able to think of anything else. Accompanied by a side of roasted sweet potatoes, this burger dish is everything you ever dreamed about. If you’re still a little worried about the fat and calories, drop the cheese, switch to a Beyond burger, and choose lettuce instead of a bun!

Nutritious Meals Can Be Delicious Too

If you have been trying to come up with meal prep ideas on your own, chances are your own meals are a little bland, but our Turkey Stuffed Peppers will perk you right up! Made with locally sourced green peppers that are stuffed with turkey, mozzarella cheese, and tomato sauce, this fresh dish offers all the spice you crave. Our balsamic grilled vegetables are the side dish that takes these sweet peppers to the next level of taste and because this dish freezes well, you might want to order a few extra to tuck away for lunches throughout the week!

The Most Important Meal of the Day

We’ve been told for years that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and yet we still tend to go with that coffee and donut from the grocery store. Once you try our Breakfast Tacos, however, we think skimping on breakfast will be the last thing on your mind! Made with chorizo sausage (oh, how we love this spicy sausage), eggs, a three-cheese blend, and side of our homemade tomatillo salsa and served with breakfast potatoes, these wonderful handheld breakfast tacos will add a sparkle to a gloomy Monday!

No Need to Skip Taco Tuesday with Fresh Taste Meal Prep

While we are on the topic of tacos, meal prep fans are beginning to realize that there is no need to skip your favorite day of the week now that Fresh Taste Meal Prep is on your side! Start your morning with the aforementioned breakfast tacos; they are good enough to enjoy at lunch as well. For dinner, our Caribbean Shrimp Tacos are fast becoming the taco of the town! Made with jerk seasoned shrimp topped with a sweet and spicy mango sauce and tucked away in our fresh made corn tortillas, this dish is bound to be your one true love.

Your Midday Break Deserves Something Special

You could toss together a turkey and cheese sandwich and a bag of chips to get you through the daily grind, but why would you want to when you know that Fresh Taste Meal Prep offers a Chicken Philly Steak meal that will make your mouth water? Made with shaved chicken breast and topped with sauteed onions, peppers, provolone cheese, all tucked away into a soft and flavorful French roll, the herbed potatoes that accompany this hearty lunch promise to be the flavor that pushes this sweet meal to the next level of wonderful!

Our Meal Prep Gets Better!

As we discussed at the beginning of this guide to flavor, the problem with meal prep is the sameness, and although we have just described some of our favorite flavors, next week it may be all different! Our menus, with a few exceptions, will change on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, and your stomach, soul, and heart will thank us! Order your meal prep dishes today and fall in love with meal prep all over again.



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