5 Flavorful Meals to Add to Your Weekly Meal Prep Routine

5 Flavorful Meals to Add to Your Weekly Meal Prep Routine

Meal prep4 is a popular buzzword these days as everyone is doing it, but unfortunately, not everyone is doing it right! Yes, you can dirty up every dish and pot in your kitchen, fixing huge quantities of the same ingredients that you then divide up into five (or more) meal prep containers. And yes, you can bring these meals into work every day, getting tired of the same old food by day three, so you leave days four and five sitting in the office refrigerator getting smelly and fuzzy because you really can’t stand to eat another bite of the turkey and veggies you prepared on Sunday. Or you could take another look at these five flavorful meals that make your taste buds sing as you click on the “get in my cart NOW” button and eat tastefully, healthily, and happy every day of the week!

Just Another Mediterranean Pork Loin Monday!

Let’s be honest. If you had about five more hours available every day, you would cook more meals like the Mediterranean Pork Loin, but since you don’t, we make it for you! Created from a juicy pork loin, we add balsamic grilled veggies, roasted lemon oregano potatoes, and then we drizzle the entire dish with pork jus. Making every day taste like the weekend, our Mediterranean Pork Loin takes some of the sting out of the most dreaded day of the week. For those following a keto diet, our keto version subtracts the potatoes and substitutes cauliflower, allowing you to enjoy your favorite dish without having to cheat!

Tuesdays Aren’t Just for Tacos

Although we LOVE Taco Tuesday, not every meal has to center around tacos, especially on those weeks when Fresh Taste Meal Prep is offering the oh so yummy Teriyaki Salmon Bowl! This healthy dish is made with sauteed salmon, brown rice, sweet teriyaki sauce, steamed broccoli, carrots, green onions, and is sprinkled with sesame seeds as a finishing touch. As you might expect, our keto version offers cauliflower rice instead of the brown, so you can stay on your diet track while still managing to devour a meal filled with flavor.

Hump Day Happiness with Honey Sriracha Fried Brussel Sprouts

If our mamas had made brussels sprouts that tasted like dessert, we would all be eating healthier these days! This sweet side dish is the perfect accompaniment to any of our dishes. Made with crisply fried brussels sprouts topped with a sweet and spicy honey and sriracha sauce, eating healthy has never tasted this delicious. Pair it with the pork loin or just choose to eat these sweet greens as your entire meal; you won’t be disappointed, we promise! If veggies aren’t your thing, however, your hump day will be made happier with our Saffron Risotto and Grilled Chicken dish. Offering a keto version as well made with cauliflower rice instead of risotto, the main dish of creamy risotto and grilled chicken gets an extra kick with a side of grilled vegetables.

Meal Prep on Friday Eve

We seem to wait all week for our favorite day to arrive, but Thursdays can be made even more special with our Garlic Tabasco Flank Steak! You won’t even mind that you still have another day to make it through to the weekend when you take your first bite of tender flank steak marinated in garlic and tabasco and served with yet another delicious brussels sprouts side dish. This one is roasted and mixed with a honey mustard glaze so tasty you will come back for seconds! The keto version is practically identical to the non-keto version—the only difference being the honey mustard glaze on the side.

Finally Friday!

At last! All your hard work, all the mornings of rising before the sun has paid off, and your reward, in the form of FRIDAY and more delicious meal prep offerings, has arrived! The temperatures are still cool, making our seafood chowder soup the perfect spring dish! Created from a hearty mixture of potatoes, corn, shrimp, and salmon this creamy soup tastes like ocean living feels! With each bite, you can almost imagine you hear ocean waves crashing against sandy shores, feel cool sea breezes kiss your cheeks, and smell the salty scent of the waters permeating the air! There is no keto version of this seafood-laden dish, but even the most strict diets need a cheat day to keep you interested in staying on them for the long haul, and what better way to celebrate the weekend than with a cheat meal this delicious?

Simply Satisfying

Now that you have figured out the right way to meal prep, the next steps are easy ones! Choose your delivery date and time, load your cart, and enjoy! Reserve your Fresh Taste Meal Prep meals today.






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